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Mohammad Ariful Islam –winner of “The Best Research Award 2012” from Brain Korea 21


Ariful Islam, brought up and educated in Dhaka, is the first to complete his PhD among the students of the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology from UODA (University of Development Alternative, Dhaka).

He has obtained his PhD in 2013 submitting thesis on  “Efficient DNA transfection and RNAi silencing by regulation of cellular uptake through polysorbitol-based osmotically active transporter”


For his excellent research in the field , he has been awarded “The Best Research Award 2012” from Brain Korea 21.


In this short span of his research career, he has published 15 articles in peer reviewed journals,eight( 8) as first author.  The latest accepted   one is in “Progress in Polymer Science” having impact factor of 24.1.  He has  15 conference presentations and one book chapter

1.      Singh B, Islam MA, Park TE, Lee WS, Luu PQ, Cho MH, Choi YJ, Akaike T, and Cho CS. Design of degradable polyethylenimines as gene carriers. Tailor and Francis LLC Encyclopedia. New York, USA. 



From his research work, he has patented three of his works:

Korean Patent (s)

1.      Polysorbitol-based osmotically active transporter and gene therapy using the same as a gene carrier [PCT/KR2011/005955. August 12, 2011] [Applied].


2.      Microcapsule for oral administration and preparation method thereof [Patent Number: 10-2011-0041930].


International Patent (s)

1.      Polysorbitol-based osmotically active transporter and gene therapy using the same as a gene carrier [10-2011-0027201] [Applied].


 Mr. Arif is not only a  excellent researcher but also excellent presenter of his research, which is evident from his large number of conference presentation and wining of  The Best Poster award  from NANO KOREA 2011; the 9th International Nanotech Symposium & Exhibition [August 24-26, 2011, KINTEX, Seoul, Korea]


 Research Interests of this  promising young researcher include

1.      Development of therapeutic polymer-drug conjugates against neurodegenerative diseases and targeting blood brain barrier (BBB).

2.      Development of target-specific drug carrier with specific antibody-linkers

3.      Application of siRNA therapeutics using degradable polymeric carriers

4.      Stem cell research using biomaterial application

5.      Design, development and chemical synthesis of stable-specific linkers (cleavable or non-cleavable forms) and antibody-drug conjugates for therapeutic and clinical purpose.


 Voluntary Activites

 Mr. Arif has not confined himself only in the laboratory. He enjoys taking part in  National & Global Volunteering Activities  and joined


1.      Asian Youth Camp 2007, July 31 to August 21 [21 days], 2007 in South Korea

Major activities:

      Cultural exchange and thoughts among 350 participants of 35 Asian countries including Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and many others to develop next generation youths.

      Symposium and discussion with all the listed countries Ambassador on developing Asian Youth and Future Leadership.

      Conference on improving Asian Youth Talents.

      Worked on improving Leadership Skill for future world.

      Tour to various dynamic and historical places in South Korea at different locations.


2.      Seoul National University (SNU) Global Aid Volunteer Service Program at Chittagong, Bangladesh, Sponsored by  Youngone Corporation, led by  Prof. Beak Mi-Seok, Seoul National University

      Winter Program: Jan 7 to Jan 17, 2012 [10 days]- 88 hours Total

      Summer Program: July 17 to July 29, 2011 [14 days]- 88 hours Total


  Mr. Arif envisions to establish  a center for biomedical research in Bangladesh.


His motto in research

              “Research is all about of imagination and making new concept that can provide great benefits to humankind. Therefore, widen your eye and focus your vision to imagine the ultimate goal rather to only acquire the knowledge.”


Bangladesh and the world can look forward to him for excellent contribution in biomedical research.


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