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Writing Guidelines

At Scientific Bangladesh, We envision science as a tool for the benefits of mankind. Our main goal is to enlighten our readers as well as policy makers with the latest developments in all disciplines of science and technology, commercialization, intellectual properties and so on. 

Scientific Bangladesh, therefore, welcomes articles and reviews, recent scientific discoveries, technical innovations and future prospects. We also cover basic sciences of public interests. Your write-up should be readable to generally educated people and free of jargons. 


Language of writing 

We welcome both Bengali and English articles. Please check for spelling and grammatical correctness of your writing before sending to the Editor for publication.


Copyright and Responsibility 

Scientific Bangladesh is not able to give any honorarium/compensation at this stage, therefore, the copy right of the writing belongs to the writer. Along with it, the responsibilities of correctness of information is also on the shoulder of the writer. 

Plan to write in such a way so that you can include all your articles in one book, if you want to publish. 


For the first time writer, please enrich us with following particulars 

1. Photograph of yourself in JPEG format 

2. A brief biodata, describing in third person, how you would like to introduce yourself to the readers. 

3. If you include any photo in the article, please mention the sources of the photos and send those also as JPEG format along with the article.


Where to send 

Please send your article to the Editor at 


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