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Astronomy is having a great time now- Says Syed
( Syed A Uddin )

Scientific Bangladesh: What made you doing PhD in astronomy?


Syed A Uddin: I have always been eager to know how the universe came into existence and what will be its fate. A PhD in astronomy will show me the way to seek for my answers.


Scientific Bangladesh: Where is Australia in terms of astronomy research in relation to the world?


Syed A Uddin: Australia at present is in the forefront in astronomy research. They have very nice instruments especially for optical spectroscopy and radio astronomy. Australia is also taking part in big international projects like Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), Dark Energy Survey (DES), and Square Kilometer Array (SKA) etc. Their researches are being published in reputed journals.


Scientific Bangladesh: How much investment is needed for astronomy research? 


Syed A Uddin: It depends on the science goals. Now a day almost all big projects are multinational as we need to probe deep into the universe and that needs large investments. Sometimes instruments need to go up to the space where investments are even larger.


Scientific Bangladesh: Why or how you choose Swinburne University of Technology?


Syed A Uddin: I chose Swinburne because its Astronomy research is world class. Center for Astrophysics and Supercomputing (CAS) has its fame all over the world for its outstanding research outputs. The faculties are also very respected worldwide for their reputations. Moreover CAS has access to almost all the major telescope worldwide.



 Scientific Bangladesh: Where is Bangladesh in terms of astronomy research in relation to the world?


Syed A Uddin: Unfortunately there is no astronomy research in Bangladesh.


Scientific Bangladesh: How much priority astronomy should get in Bangladesh in relation to other important area such as agriculture, energy, health?


Syed A Uddin: Astronomy deals with our ultimate questions like, how the universe came to existence, what will be its fate, and is there life anywhere etc. These are fundamental questions for mankind as a whole. In my opinion if there any scope exists in Bangladesh, we should start formal astronomy and collaborate with other countries. 


Scientific Bangladesh: How is career scope in astronomy research in Bangladesh and the world? 


Syed A Uddin : In Bangladesh there is no career opportunity in astronomy as we don’t do astronomy ! But in other parts of world astronomy has great job prospects not only as a research scientist, support astronomer in an observatory, or a faculty in an academic institute. Since they are very good in problem solving and handling large datasets, they are well suited for other jobs too.


Scientific Bangladesh: What’s your suggestion for those who want to pursue research career in Astronomy? 


Syed A Uddin: Astronomy now is multidisciplinary. Any student having good background in physics, math, and computer is ready to go for higher study in astronomy. More suggestions can be given upon request.



Scientific Bangladesh: Any additional point you want to add? Is there any more point you would like to inform our audience?


Syed A Uddin: I think astronomy is having a great time now. We have learned a lot about the universe and still lots to learn. Measurements are very precise now and techniques are well developed. Most of the researches are international and so Bangladesh has a prospect to join in international collaboration. But for this we need start our own endeavor.


Scientific Bangladesh: Thanks  for your time and  insight


Syed A Uddin:  Thanks Scientifc Bangladesh  for asking me relevat questions and giving scope to talk.



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