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Astronomy is having a great time now- Says Syed

Syed A Uddin(PhD student )
Scientific Bangladesh: What made you doing PhD in astronomy?
   Syed A Uddin: I have always been eager to know how the universe came into existence and what will be its fate. A PhD in astronomy will show me the way to seek for my answers.   Scientific Bangladesh: Where is Australia in terms of astronomy research in relation to the world?
   Syed A Uddin: Australia at present is in the forefront in astronomy research. They have very nice instruments especially for optical spectroscopy and radio astronomy. Australia is also taking part in big international projects like Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT), Dark Energy...
Building the nation is about development of Science and Technology- Dr. Shamsul Alam

Dr. Shamsul Alam(Visiting Fellow, NIH)
Scientific Bangladesh, in its pursuit  to  give Bangladeshi researchers at home and in abroad  scope to  talk about their present research, future plan, giving directions to future researchers and government, has talked(by email) with Dr. Muhammad Shamsul Alam. Dr. Alam is presently visiting fellow at National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, USA.  He has applied for patent for anti-cancer drug as part of his research group. He  obtained his PhD from Japan and worked  at ICDDR,B as research offfcier and Univeristy of Dhaka as Assistant professor. Dr. Alam says that to develop...
Bangladesh becoming scholar exporter- Dr. Arif Agrees

Mohammad Ariful Islam(Post Doc fellow, Seoul National University)
Scientific Bangladesh, in its pursuit  to  give Bangladeshi researchers at home and in abroad  scope to  talk about their present research, future plan, giving directions to future researchers and government, has talked(by email) with Dr. Mohammad Ariful Islam.   Scientific Bangladesh: What has made you interested in biomedical science?   Dr. Arif: Thank you for asking the question. Biology always fascinated me when I was in secondary and higher secondary school. Also, my father always wanted me to become a medical doctor. His sudden death due to heart attack just before my H.S.C. exam made me think...
Start doing- Says Dr. K Siddique-e Rabbani

Dr. K Siddique-e Rabbani(Professor and Founder Chairperson)
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 Dr. K Siddique-e Rabbani is a self-made, home grown technology developer who does not need that much introduction. He is the Professor and founder Chairperson of the Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology,University of Dhaka.  Scientific Bangladesh is happy to obtain an interview from him, from a busy researcher like him.  From this interview, people from different level can gain guidance, from senior researcher/supervisor to young graduates to policy makers’ of government and research organizations. Scientific Bangladesh  expects every relevant quarter will make best use of his insight and experience....
Administration, Teaching and Research are important for a University-Professor Rahmatullah

Mohammad Rahmatullah(Professor and Pro-VC)
Professor Dr. Mohammaad Rahmatullah is professor and Pro Vice Chancellor of University of Development Alternative,Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has rich research and teaching career at home and in abroad. Md Nurunnabi has talked with him  on behalf of Scientific Bngladesh so that  wider community can  know this great researcher and be benefitted. Scientific Bangladesh: What would you like to say about  your Study, research, profession and  awards? Professor Rahmatullah: I attended St. Gregory’s High School, Dhaka from 1958 till 1967 and obtained my Secondary School Certificate in 1967. Following that I attended...
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  The ‘basic science’ is the foundation of the development of `modern technology’ without which a country cannot be developed or cannot be independent economically. I am against brain-draining, and against making Bangladesh an exporter of scholars. However, I want to see that our brilliant students will go abroad only for higher studies or for advanced research, and will return Bangladesh to utilize their scientific research/teaching experiences in developing our beloved motherland Bangladesh-Prof. A A Mamun  ______________________________________________________________________ Scientific Bangladesh,...
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It’s our pleasure to have Professor Dr. Hasan Mahmud Reza, Chairman- Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, North South University among us. He shared his feelings regarding his research work, academics and current condition of Pharmacy market. Interview taken by Ali Asif, a graduate student in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, North South University.      Scientific Bangladesh: What made you interested in learning different molecular and embryological techniques? Dr. Reza: Let me be honest by saying that I nourished the determination in me that I must go for higher study. When I was an MPharm student,...
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