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10 International PhD positions in Molecular Biology -Dynamics of Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and DNA Damage Response

2013-06-04 09:54:20

More than ten highly funded PhD positions are available in Mainz, Germany 

Porjects are 

1.Epigenetics of drug disposition and response

2.Sirt6 in liver disease

3.Epigenetic regulation of transcription

4.Epigenetic regulation of alternative splicing

5.Regulation of fly and human Tbx genes and proteins

6.Genomic views of protein-RNA interactions and splicing regulation

7.Heterochromatin protein 1 alpha in leukemogenesis

8.Epigenetic mechanisms controlling learning and memory, anxiety and stress coping

9.Branched cell penetrating peptides as control and delivery molecules for transcription factors

10.Mathematical modelling of epigenome crosstalk


Program start in Ocotber, 2013


Application deadline: 1 July, 2013


For details,visit 


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