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Alzheimer’s disease – A silent killer

2016-07-20 07:47:06

Md. Ali Asif Noor, Md. Fakhrul Hasan, Tauhid Muhammad Ul Islam, Rafat Alam,  Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, North South University; Department of Pharmacy, Southeast University   

In this new age of science, we learned about many diseases by examining their symptoms and we also discovered their treatments. In many cases, we can detect our disease condition consciously like heart attack with chest pain, diabetes with frequent urination and delayed wound recovery but neurodegenerative diseases still affects unconsciously to the people of South East Asia, as very little concern has grown up among people about this. One of the common neurodegenerative diseases is Alzheimer.

 Generally it’s known that the building up of plaques, tangles in brain is somehow involved in brain cell death.  Research works are on progress to investigate the causes of Alzheimer's and its best treatment options.

In 1906, Alois Alzheimer, based on his patients, described the condition of Alzheimer's disease. According to Alzheimer Disease International (ADI), it is estimated that 47 million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer's and from the World Alzheimer Report 2015; the number of sufferers will rise three times by 2050.   

Alzheimer's disease can change the structure of the brain decades prior to the appearance of symptoms. Although very few people becomes affected by Alzheimer's before 65 but as we now live in a very competitive world, corporate job life mediated stress can affect the aging of brain. We can apprehend a very high possibility that within few decades, people will become affected by this disease early than the claims of current statistics. However, currently 40% of the elderly people get affected by this disease at age of 90.

Till now two types of senile plaques are found to cause brain cell death, the beta-amyloid protein and the tau protein. Researchers are still investigating about which protein is responsible for causing Alzheimer's disease.       

In Alzheimer's disease, patients experiences memory loss unconsciously, which also affects their personality, in advanced stages, patients cannot recognize about themselves and where they are. Numerous patients fail to recognize their beloved persons, some found to become violent.

Very little effect has been found on medication apart from putting off or resisting the decline for a short period of time. Few patients found benefit from cognitive or music therapy. Many researchers believe on the delaying of the onset of the condition through work out and a healthy lifestyle.


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