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Chikungunya: A Short Note

2017-05-26 12:32:11

Chikungunya is an infectious disease which is transmitted to individuals by mosquitoes. Mostly, the mosquitoes included are Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, two species which can likewise transmit other mosquito-borne infections, including dengue. These mosquitoes can be found during sunlight hours; however, the peak hour of their activity is likely to be in the early morning and late evening. After the bite of an infected mosquito, it usually takes 04 to 08 days to express the onset of illness, which can extend from 02 to 12 days. Most patients recoup completely, however sometimes joint pain may hold on for months, or even years.


Chikungunya is characterized by fever (more than 39°C [102°F]) and polyarthralgia(pain in multiple joints) which can lead to debilitation. Different indications may also incorporate like:

-Rash   -Headache     -Myalgia          -Arthritis         -Conjunctivitis            -Vomiting etc.


Laboratory investigation can found: 

-Increased creatinine level    - Increased hepatic transaminases       - Decreased level of lymphocyte  

-Decreased platelet count



There is no particular medication treatment for chikungunya. Treatment is coordinated essentially at minimizing the symptoms, by using: anti-pyretic, analgesics, NSAIDS. The patient is also suggested to take proper rest and have sufficient fluid.   


WHO responses to chikungunya by: 

- Planning proof based episode administration arranges. 

- Giving specialized support and direction to nations for the viable administration of cases and episodes. 

-Supporting nations to enhance their revealing frameworks. 

- Giving preparing on clinical administration, finding and vector control at the territorial level with some of its teaming up focuses.

-Distributing rules and handbooks on case administration and vector control for the Member States.




Reference: World Health Organization; Center for Disease control & prevention.

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