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2016-11-15 12:32:38

Dr. Subrina Ahmed, MBBS(DU), Senior clinical research associate and clinical trial monitor in Incepta pharmaceuticals Ltd.

There is a saying, "He who controls his mind, controls his life".

What is a mind? Some people think that the mind is the brain or some other part or function of the body, but this is incorrect. The brain is a physical object that can be seen with the eyes and that can be photographed or operated on in surgery. The mind, on the other hand, is not a physical object. It cannot be seen with the eyes, nor can it be photographed or repaired by surgery. The brain, therefore, is not the mind but simply part of the body.

Mind is what we feel and how we feel, it includes our consciousness, perception, judgment etc.

We all know the importance of eating ‘five a day’, or five pieces of fruit or vegetables every day, in order to maintain physical health . But what about the mind? Does a good meal really affects your mind?

If we look around the world today we can see that people are becoming more stressed, constantly blaming each other, aggression is increasing even in children, children are killing their parents, mother is killing own child, people are committing suicide more often? Why is this happening? Stay calm and just give it a thought.

Some people think that only people with mental illnesses have to pay attention to their mental health. But the truth is that your emotions, thoughts and attitudes affect your energy, productivity and overall health. Good mental health strengthens your ability to cope with everyday hassles and more serious crises and challenges. Good mental health is essential to creating the life you want.

But it is unfortunate that even in this century when Bangladesh is becoming a productive country, new inventions are being evaluated, medical science is becoming more and more standard, people are ignoring their mental health problems. Even today mental illness is evaluated as madness, even doctors of other specialties ignores mental health problems as ordinary people do, If a person is suffering from some kind of psychological problems they hesitate to visit a doctor thinking of what society will say. Literally our society will gossip and treat him as mad which will affect his/her regular activities. It is thought in our society that if a girl is suffering from mental illness she can’t be married to a qualified guy. This is not done.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel and act as we cope with life. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. Mental illnesses are serious disorders which can affect our thinking, mood, and behavior. There are many causes of mental disorders. Our genes and family history may play a role. Our life experiences, such as stress or a history of abuse, may also matter. Biological factors can also be part of the cause. Mental disorders are common, but treatments are available.

If we are suffering from fever and you visit a doctor and doctor prescribes you antipyretics, just like that treatment is also available for psychological illness but counseling is important as well as medication here.

Our body responds to the way we think, feel, and act. This is one type of “mind/body connection.” When we are stressed, anxious, or upset, your body reacts in a way that might tell that something isn’t right. For example, high blood pressure or a stomach ulcer might develop after a particularly stressful event, such as the death of a loved one. The following can be physical signs that emotional health is out of balance:

  • Back pain, Change in appetite,Chest pain,Constipation or diarrhea,Dry mouth,Extreme tiredness,General aches and pains,Headaches,High blood pressure,Insomnia (trouble sleeping),Lightheadedness, Palpitations (the feeling that your heart is racing), Sexual problems, Shortness of breath, Stiff neck, Sweating, Upset stomach,Weight gain or loss

Poor emotional health can weaken body's immune system, making more likely to get colds and other infections during emotionally difficult times. Also, when we are feeling stressed, anxious, or upset, may not take care of our health as well as we should. We may not feel like exercising, eating nutritious foods or taking medicine that our doctor prescribes. Abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs may also be a sign of poor emotional health.

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