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Apply for Second International Leadership Training Workshop

2013-03-18 02:08:34

Empowerment for Peace through Leadership in Agribusiness and Sustainability (EmPeace LABS) is organizaing an workshop on a training and leadership program committed to building a strong foundation for global peace by preparing young professionals for leadership in agri-business and sustainability.


Where and When : Jain Irrigation Systems, Ltd. (JISL) in Jalgaon (India) on 19 - 25 October 2013


Who can Apply : Applications are invited from experi-enced community leaders from Africa, Asia, and South America (simultaneous translation will be provided). The process of selection will be very competitive as Participants will be chosen from the group of candidates based on their involvement in community leadership and interest in various aspects of agribusiness. Accepted candidates will receive an official Letter of Invitation from India that will be also sent to a relevant Indian Consulate to support their application for a visa.


How to apply : Online


For details, visit http://ucpsarnet.iglooprojects.org/


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