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Bangladeshi Universities should teach research commericalization

2015-10-11 13:18:27

Source: www.express2connect.org

Among Bangladeshi Scientists and researchers, research commercialization or technology transfer is hardly uttered word. Because our main focus is to do some work in the laboratory and publish some papers.


Hardly we think about transferring laboratory research to field ...to consumers ..to customers.



To change this situation, we need to teach research commerciation or technology transfer at masters level.. either as a subject or at least as part of a subject...... least should include one or two lectures in the masters syllabus. 


In abroad, there are even master degree on " Research commercialization" such as in Australia. Bangladesh govt can include it in the list of subjects offered for AUSAID scholarship. 


We should send some graduates to study this subject and appoint them as technology transfer/ Research commercialization officer" in govt and non govt research organizations and universities.

Lecture, seminar, Workshop and training on this topic can also be organized in our research organizations.  One day we can organize conference like this one, Idea to IPO (http://www.idea2ipo-conference.com/who-should-attend.html).  


If we focus on technology transfer/ research commercialization, we will get publications as by product and new technology as end product. If our focus is on publications, then publication is becoming the end product. So we should study, teach and talk more about research commercialization in our universites. 

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