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Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering are being used in various purposes.

2016-10-24 20:24:27

Biotechnology for Human welfare
Biotechnology for Human welfare


In the contemporary world, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering are two shining terms to the conscious people. Though everybody does not take these with equal eyes but none is beyond of their benefit. Since long time people use biotechnology though the term was described last century. Conventional biotechnology includes manual insemination on flowers of crops, beer, wine and various traditional food production.


Modern biotechnology prefers recombinant DNA technology and micropropagation. Genetic engineering is the most sophisticated field of modern biotechnology. Moreover, cloning, in vitro fertilization (for test tube baby) and artificial synchronization (for multiple offspring production at a time) are also other issues of biotechnology. It is matter of pleasure that modern biotechnology works in various fields, for example, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, human health and inherited disease analysis, phylogenetics and so on. It is also being applied wildly in agriculture, health, environment, for instance.


Already insulin has been developed successfully and being used world widely against diabetes. DNA vaccine, edible plant vaccine, gene therapy and many more beneficial biologics are under development to cure different ferocious diseases. Pedegree analysis, DNA finger printing, micro array, paternity-maternity test, kingship test, sibling test, criminal justification, unknown person identification and so more new concepts have emerged and solved with confidence due to the success of biotechnology and genetic engineering.


In agriculture, high yield variety (GMO), insect resistance, pest resistance, herbicide resistance drought tolerance, salt tolerance, submerse tolerance, varieties have been developed by genetic engineering. Golden rice is under trial which is able to back up sufficient vitamin A. In other side, all plant cells have totipotency as a result a complete disease free plant can be erected from a single cell using biotechnology. Nonetheless, biotechnology brings some demerits beside the good things of it; of course no technology is out of risk.   

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