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Danger Free Petrol Station Construction

2014-08-18 05:03:15

We have lots of filling stations around the country. But because of huge demand and long line the authorities sometimes unable to provide oil in the well maintained way and also they can’t control the quality. Actually it’s a much busy place; because of the number of the vehicles are increasing day-by-day. Some people use more than one car for only a single family. If we can maintain the filling stations such a well-defined way, then the customers will be benefitted and the procedure will be easy to handle. In my country, I collected some information and points of views for this purpose. May be it is not sufficient, but I tried here to inform some new and western procedure for the better maintenance of any filling stations in my country Bangladesh. All This information I put from my teachers’ lectures and some net based study. If I say about the minimum standard requirements of a petrol filling station then it should have at least one underground storage tank for each petroleum product sold at the station with a minimum capacity of 5 m., and then   one digital dispensing pump (two-way) for each petroleum product sold at the station. All types of dispensing pumping pumps should be covered one service bay, one wash bay, one generation office, waste water drainage system and also firefighting equipment.


Now I am going to express with the detail configuration of the above requirements. Firstly is going to say about the underground storage tanks (UST) system. It is required that petroleum storage tanks and filling stations be licensed and regulated to conform to the minimum standards that meet basic safety, health, operational and environmental protection. An engineer should construct the UST as a minimum requirement is being single walled of rolled carbon steel plates welded together. And all these tanks at retail dispensing sites shall be placed underground. The tank shall have a protective coating. As a minimum requirement, the tank shall be painted with a primer, and then coated with epoxy, coal tar epoxy or similar bituminous coating. Where the Water table is high, additional protective coating measures must be undertaken. Protection should be used for single steel walled tanks. Otherwise, secondary contained tanks, i.e., a double-walled steel tank, double walled fiberglass or jacketed steel tanks with high density Placement of UST under canopy should be avoided.

Then I am going to touch about the environmental protection measured. Environmental impact assessment shall be done before licensing and construction of any GFT. Periodic environmental audits shall be performed regularly on already existing tanks. Approved drawings of a bulk storage depot/tanks shall indicate at minimum, but not limited to the nature and quantities of the products to be stored, distance between the tanks, distance between storage and adjoining property, lighting arrangements, certification by a registered engineer and floating/screen roof shall be installed on the GFT and regularly checked to safeguard against unnecessary evaporation losses. The most important things are that firefighting protection. In addition to the measures mentioned UST, fire, water storage and supply shall be sufficient to give at least 6 hours of cooling water cover in case of fire. The fire foam system shall provide protection to fire vulnerable areas. The water system shall be installed around GFT to ensure the safeness in case of fire outbreak.

  •  Calibration and maintenance of equipment
  •   Wastewater management
  •   Vapor vents
  •   Fire fighting
  •   Fill pipes
  •   Planning criteria for location of petrol filling stations


In our country, the environmental condition is sometimes too much hot and cold. During the much hot season, we need to maintain pumping stations well. The workers should be trained enough. Oil pumping station is too much sensitive area. A single mistake can take us to the reason of much loss. The station should be smoking free zone.  As this is a busy place, every time should be clean the area so that no harmful things may not found. The pipe should be checked every time, which used for filling. Car or bus must be engine off during taking oil.



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