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Essay competition on chemical sciences and its interfacing areas

2013-06-04 08:01:42

Canadian Chemical Transactions is launching an essay competition worldwide on hot topics in chemical science and its interfacing areas.

They invite emerging young researchers (undergraduate and graduate students) to submit an essay (1000-1500 words with 10-20 references) on the following topics. Author may choose one aspect of the following topics. We will select Twelve Best Essays which will be published in Canadian Chemical Transactions over the year of 2014 and will provide prize money of $100 to each winner.

  1. Artificial Light Harvesting
  2. Biomass: A promising Energy for Future
  3. Bottom-up and Top-down Proteomics
  4. Chemistry and Biology in Femto-Time-Frame
  5. Conductive Polymers
  6. Designing Catalysts
  7. Emerging Environmental Pollutants
  8. Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development
  9. Quasicrystals
  10. Molecules in Nanoworld
  11. Synthesis In Toto
  12. Treating Molecules with Hybrid QM/MM


Authors are encouraged to compose their essay in an interesting and informal manner for general science audiences. Essay must be written by a single author and only one contribution will be accepted per author. Author may include 2-3 important pictures or schemes. The content and presentation of the essay must be original. The submitted essay has not been published in other journals in any format, accepted for publication elsewhere or under editorial review for publication elsewhere. The essay is required to be submitted as a single doc or pdf file to editorial-office@canchemtrans.ca


The deadline for submission of essay is 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 31 December 2013

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