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Homeopathic Medicines-The Miracular Elixirs: Is It a Remedy or Just a Water Business in Medicines?

2017-03-02 11:08:17

Yong and old, child and mothers, educated and uneducated, physicians and ordinary people, politicians and non-politicians, I don’t know anybody who has not taken homeopathic medicines in his/her life time; but like many of my contemporary friends and people around us, I also learnt that homeopathic medicines are just water business in medicines. I had never been convinced that curing power of a medicine is multiplied into many folds just by adding water in a serial dilution and a magical way of shaking. My doctor friends used to tell and have continued to tell that curing effects of homeopathic medicines is just physiological; but actually it does not have any healing effects. However, observation is my great teacher and I have greatly learnt from it throughout my life. I believe knowledge gets into perfection only when it mixes with experiences; a great truth but only very few people can realize or admit it.


Just after submitting my master’s thesis in Concordia University at Montreal, I went to India to complete a four month course of Tablig in June 2004. You know Canada is an extremely cold country; sometimes temperatures go below -50°C and the lab where I worked for two years used to maintain at 20°C. Thus my two years in Canada just made me cold tolerant, but hyper sensitive to hot weather. However, Delhi is very hot especially in peak summers (May-June) when temperatures go even up to 45°C. Whenever, I went out of the Masjid, especially during the mid-day for visiting people or buying some necessary items, I just felt fire was falling on my skins. All the masjid in India have the good supply of cold water and I didn’t make any mistakes in taking lot of water just after coming back from the outside environment. Within a short-time, I developed severe cold and cough. Doctor gave me antibiotic but it did not work well.



After spending 20 days in Canada and 60 days in India, I decided to spend my last 40 days in Bangladesh. That time, winter was just approaching and so the weather was quite comfortable in Bangladesh, but my cold didn’t forget to continue with me. My friends and relatives suggested taking the puff of black seeds that irritate the nostrils and respiratory tract and thus it initiates hissing that takes out deposited cough from the lungs and bronchia. It worked with me but started to take out blood as well. I got so weak and fainted that people thought I got anemia.

After completing four months, I started working in USTC where I used to teach Biochemistry to MBBS students. My doctor friends around me prescribed high spectrum antibiotic that relieved the syndrome to a great extent but I continued to get cold very often. In 2006, I was working in BGC Trust Medical College when my 6 month old and beloved first daughter got loose motion. As usual, my doctor friends prescribed antibiotic and oral rehydration saline (ORS); ORS was fine but I think antibiotic just added the problems. After several days on antibiotic, my daughter started vomiting and developed all the symptoms of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. I admitted her into Chittagong Maa-O-Shishu Hospital. Her veins and arteries got so narrowed that doctors failed to push IVS by several attempts. When doctors came again to push IVS again, I didn’t allow because my weak baby was crying and getting further weaker. I decided to continue with ORS, oral medicines and lactose free milk. Within two days, my baby got improved and we got back home; but it started again when we gave her normal milk. This time, we got a relative doctor who was FCPS in medicine, but his family members used to call him crazy because he was not serious and willing to practice medicine. This crazy doctor prescribed me biochemic medicine (Kali Mure, Kali Phos and Natrum Mure) and homeopathic Zincum met. I brought these medicines from Laldighi and when I applied to my baby, she got cure in a magically fast and unbelievable way.

After that I got interest in homeopathic medicines and deeply studied “Hanimann’s Organon of Medicine” and several material medica books of homeopathic medicines. Immediately, I started to test the medicines on myself and my long-time cold problem was cured in around December 2006 by using Carbovage, Cuprum Met and Zincum Met. That time my second daughter was in her mother’s womb and I applied the medicine on my wife for pregnancy maintenance treatment. My wife told me about the symptoms of her delivery pain in about 10 pm. I wanted to take her to hospital but she said she would go there in the morning. Then I started to give her homeopathic dose that helps in child delivery. My wife gave birth to an excellent baby at about 2 am in my hand and so I didn’t get time to take her in the hospital. I called a neighbor nurse just to do some post-delivery stitching. I was mad with happiness about the success of my medicine but my relatives were very angry with me and started to call me crazy. I continued post-delivery treatment on my wife and baby and it worked very nicely.

In 2007, I secretly took admission in Chittagong homeopathic college and continued to test my medicines on my friends and relatives free of charge. The success of my treatment made me so confident that I opened a homeopathic chamber at Lalkhan Bazar in Chittagong; but my wife and relatives didn’t like it at all because they thought homeopathic practitioners don’t deserve a dignified position in our society; but I felt very happy when I saw the success of my treatments in bringing smiles to the hundreds of faces of my patients; many of them were poor and needy who cannot afford allopathic treatment.

Although my doctor friends told me that people at first go to homeopaths; when they cannot find cure, they come to allopath; but I found just the opposite. In 2008, one of my police officer patients brought me a girl patient who was his neighbor and doing her bachelor in Chittagong University. She had been admitted to the Chittagong Metropolitan Hospital for 7 days to treat her fever and paid Tk 12,000 which is now equivalent to Tk 20,000 for this treatment; but she just got weakened and lost her appetite and hope of cure. I gave her Arsenicum that cost me about Tk 20 but intentionally charged her Tk 500  because people in my country don’t give value to a low cost treatment. Surprisingly, from the next day she was cured and came to my chamber with her father. This lady then brought me many patients, many of them were educated, to my chamber and her father came to invite me to his house for food to express his gratitude and pleasures.

In 2009, I went to A.K. Khan Jute Mills at Kaloorghat in a three day jamaat. That time, a boy of about 18 years came to the Masjid with some Hadiyaa and asked me to make dowa for her sister who got brain tumer and operated in India. We made dowa and after that I asked him whether I could see his sister. He took me in their house and I found his sister lying on bed as a paralyzed patient; her left eye was coming out and water was falling from both eyes and she was needed her mother’s help to attend her natural needs. The family spent about Tk 12 lacs, which is now equivalent to Tk 20 lacs, for her treatment and she had been treated by Drs. Rashid and Din-Mohammad; but all of their efforts were failed to heal her symtoms. I told the family, “What will happen I don’t know because cure is in the hand of Allah swt; but if you come to my chamber, I will give you some medicines that you can try”. When her brother came, I gave her Lachesis, Zincum Met and Kaliphos for two weeks and told him that if any improvement can be seen, then they could come gain; otherwise no need to see me again. After two weeks, the whole family along with this girl came to my chamber with lot of hadyaas. That time was walking by herself and able to do her needs. My pleasure was unlimited and I just thanked Allah swt for his unlimited mercy. In September 2009, when I told them that I was going to Malaysia for PhD, the whole family started to cry.

Last year, my friend who is a university teacher and got his PhD in fisheries, got fish bone stuck in his neck. Doctor wanted to cut his neck to take out the fish bone but he got scared. He came to me and I gave him one drop Heparsulf and 5 tablets of Silicea. His bone disappeared the overnight during his sleep. If anybody still doesn’t believe in the extraordinary power of homeo medicines, just see me. I will give you one drop of  Surfur but will not take the responsibility of treating your skin problem.

Finally, I am not saying that homeo medicines can solve our all ailments and we don’t need allopathic treatments. Allopathic surgery is extraordinary and homeopaths cannot do it. But after my PhD on nanotechnology, I understood that properties of nanomaterials are different from the bulk material itself. Now it is experimentally proven that if you break the materials, it becomes hyper active and displays different actions on different stages of cleavages. For example, bulk gold is innert but nanogold is a super active catalyst for many reactions. The concept of nuclear bomb or nuclear electricity has been working nicely on the basis of fusion theory. Then how can we claim that Hannyman’s theory of dilution for curing diseases does not work in place? I am sure the doctors who are speaking against homeopathy, they themselves or their parents have taken them to homeopaths in certain stages of their life. There is nothing wrong in learning but hating our parental tradition is just ungrateful and hopeless.



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