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Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Prizes for Science and Technology-11th Edition (1434H- 2013G)

2012-09-12 06:06:08

 The IDB Prizes for Science and Technology established in 1422H (2001G) is for Institutes, not for individuals.

 Each prize consists of a cash award of one hundred thousand (100,000) US dollars, a trophy and a certificate mentioning the name of the winner and its accomplishments.


The Prizes are awarded only to institutions (not to individuals) in IDB member countries in the three categories:

Category 1: 
Outstanding scientific or technological contribution to the socio-economic development of a member country.

Category 2:
Outstanding contribution to any of the following scientific disciplines: Engineering; Agriculture; Medicine; Biotechnology; Information Technology; Optronics; Material Sciences; Pharmaceutical; Industrial Microelectronics; Nanotechnology and alternative Energy Sources. 

Category 3: 
Noted scientific research institutions in IDB least developed member countries (LDMCs).

 For application procedures and forms, visit http://www.isdb.org/irj/portal/anonymous?NavigationTarget=navurl://74d74aef8281e22a7d65bef5e309bf1e&LightDTNKnobID=1604981530

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