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National Young Academy of Bangladesh has started its journey

2017-07-06 09:27:59

An Ad-hoc Committee for National Young Academy of Bangladesh(NYAB) was formed (on 6th July,2017) in a joint meeting of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAS) and Global Young Academy (GYA) members and alumni in the BAS office with Professor KMS Aziz, Immediate past Secretary, BAS in the Chair. 

The committee will initiate the membership drive and thereafter form a full-fledged Executive Committee, hopefully by end of 2017.

Professor M Manjurul Karim, Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka is the Convener of the Ad-hoc committee and the members are Professor Abdullah Shams Bin Tariq, Department of Physics, Rajshahi University, Dr Monir Uddin Ahmed, Department of Microbiology, Primeasia University and Dr Nova Ahmed, Department of  Electrical and Computer Engineering, North South University. 


Those who are committed to contribute intellectually and physically for the scientific advancement of Bangladesh, evident from their previouactivities, will be included as member through a vigorous selection process with the help of Global Young Academy

National Young Academies are the brain children of Global Young Academy. Dr. Karim was one of the founding members of  GYA.  Now both Dr. Karim and Dr. Abdullah are alumni of GYA. On the other hand, Dr. Monir and Dr. Nova are in second year of 5 year membership of GYA. 

Scientific Bangladesh applauds the formation of ad-hoc committee of NYAB and look forward to an active,effective and change maker NYAB under the leadership of the past and present GYA members along with  active and intelligent researchers of the country. 
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