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New Horizons Research Scholarship- 6 scholarships

2012-10-22 02:21:47

Monash University and CSIRO, two world class organisations, jointly offering six scholarships with yearly stipend of about AUD$24000.00.

Application close: 31 October, 2013

IELTS Score :  at least 6.5 with no sub-band less than 6.0

Project Titles

1. Design and demonstration of carbon capture systems utilising light-responsive CO2 systems

2. Design the quantum electronic structure and surface functionality of quantum dots for tailored sensing

3. Efficient all-polymer solar cells

4. Engineering advanced biocatalysts by combining directed evolution of enzyme and nanoparticle immobilization

5. Graphene-polymer based Nano composites

6. In situ XRD studies on growth dynamics of topological insulators

7. MOF-derived carbon materials for energy storage application

8. Preparation and characterization of advanced porous materials for photo catalytic H2 production

9. Self-reinforced PLA composites


For details,visit http://www.eng.monash.edu.au/research/scholarships/nh-scholarship.html

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