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PhD in Australia in Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry

2014-01-01 03:44:48

The research group in The Monash university is focused on the chemistry and biology processes in metal transport and ore forming in the Earth’s Crust by using both experimental and theoretical approaches. The project is collaborated with institutes in Australia (CSIRO, University of Adelaide, Australia Synchrotron) and overseas (France, UK, Germany, China). The location of the Australian Synchrotron next to  the  campus offers many opportunities for exciting experiments.

Academic qualifications


  • Bachelor or Master degree in Chemistry, Geology, Microbiology, Earth Sciences or any other relevant disciplines.
  • Satisfy the Monash University English language requirements (Please refer tohttp://www.monash.edu.au/migr/apply/eligibility/phd/ for more details)
  • Proven ability to think independently, and work collaboratively as part of a diverse research team
  • Demonstrate research ability in terms of publications; good writing and presentation skills etc


  • Strong background of physical chemistry, geology or microbiology
  • Proficiency with Data processing software (e.g., Matlab, igor, original)
  • Experience in molecular simulation and familiar with computational chemistry packages (e.g., CPMD, CP2K, LAMMPS)
  • Experience with Unix computing environments, using high-performance supercomputing facilities and programming
  • Experiences in microbiology and/or molecular biology


The PhD stipend is fully-funded for a period of 3.5 years and is open to both Australian/NZ domestic and international students. The stipends include all course fees plus approximately $24,000 AUD per annum tax-free. Following websites provide more details about scholarship in Monash University:




Application process

Interested candidates are  advised to send a cover letter outlining their research interests and motivation, together with a CV and academic transcript to Dr. Yuan Mei (yuan.mei @ csiro.au) by email.

Short-listed candidates will be asked for further information and will be interviewed via video conference. The deadline for next scholarship applications at Monash University is May 31st 2014 for mid-year 2014 round, and the positions will keep open until fully filled.

For More information, visit https://www.researchgate.net/job/683240_PhD_in_Geochemistry_and_Biogeochemistry?source=jol

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