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PhD in Australia- when and where to start

2013-12-13 06:50:11

If you want to do a PhD in Australia, you can apply twice in a year; either by 31 May or 31 October. However, you can start your journey any time of the year.  


The first thing to do

What you need to do first is to find a suitable supervisor. If you get a suitable supervisor, then he /she will show the path.

Along with your search for a supervisor, you have to prepare for IELTS as IELTS is required for getting a scholarship and Australian visa. Minimum 6.5. Some universities need 7 or 7.5. The moor is scored, better than the chance of scholarship. The more is sugar, the sweeter it is.

Don’t be in a hurry to sit for IELTS. Take time to ensure good score.

To get a supervisor in your field of interest you have to search the profiles of lecturers’ to professors’ in the field /subject/faculty/school in which you want to do a PhD in the university websites.

Here is the link for all the universities of Australia: http://www.australianuniversities.com.au/

Read the recently published papers of the teacher. Send an email to the teacher if you find his work interesting expressing your interest to do PhD with him/her. Don’t forget to mention that you have read his/her this or that paper and want to do PhD in that field. Read the conclusion or future direction very carefully. You may find a clue for writing project proposal from this part.

Don’t send the same email to all. You must give some hints that you have researched on his profile and studied his publications. How to write  an email, can be found  career in science section of this website.

Don’t neglect lecturers as lecturers do supervise PhD students in Australia.

You can apply any time for PhD candidature. And applications are considered twice for scholarship. For July–August session, one need to apply by 31 May and for February session, one need to apply by 30 September or 31 October depending on the university. Deadline varies with universities. You will be considered for International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS). You may be considered for other scholarships available at the university you have applied.

If you get an offer letter for a PhD, with it you can also apply for ALA and Endeavor scholarship. Advertisement for applying for these scholarships will come in the Bangladeshi newspapers at the end of February or at the beginning of March or even earlier
Details information for these scholarships are available in the link below: http://australiascholarship.com.au

For theses scholarship too, you need IETS score.

Don’t think that you need to complete a master degree to do a PhD in Australia. If you have completed or going to complete a 4 year bachelor degree with very good result (CGPA>3.5 or around 75% marks), you can apply for PhD and expect scholarship.

You don’t even get a full scholarship, just tuition fee waiver, you can consider doing it for two reasons. Firstly, if you are a good manager of time, you can earn your living expense here from part time jobs. Secondly, you can again apply and may get a scholarship in the next semester.



If you have any publication, local or international, that's fine. If not, still you can apply and expect scholarship.   You will fail  or succed to get scholarship for having no publication depends on whehther other applicants/competitors have publication or not. Remember, it is difficult also for other applicant to have a publication just after bachelor or master degree in many other countries.  So many applicants apply without any  publication. Having no publication should not stop you from applying 


At the end when you are coming to Australia, be sure that you have good skill in driving car whatever you are male or female. It will help you to live a little bit far from city center and save on house rent. Even you will have the opportunity to earn some living expenses in your free time



Editors Notes:     For more tips on PhD, visit the career in Science section

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