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Scientific publication with Bangladeshi affiliation in 2015

2016-01-30 09:41:16

In 2015, 2723 scientific documents were published which have at least one author with Bangladeshi affiliation, as per Scopus database checked before mid january,2016. 

Notice worthy points

  • This year Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) replaced University of Dhaka by publishing  354 articles.
  • Dr. A A Mamun from Jahangirnagar university has retained his top position with 44 articles this year.
  • North South University has  retained its top position among private universities by publishing 72 or more articles.
  • No publication in Nature or Science  but 6 in the Nature Climate Change, which means some quality researches  are being  carried out on climate change thuogh might not be enough.
  • Significant change is noticed in case of book and book chapter publication. Four books and 59 book chapters were published. 
  •  The number of total publication has reduced and around 200 less than previous year. 

 Top  15 authors
Top Ten Journals
The journal articles were published in 143 journals...... top ten journals are shown in the following graph.

Procedia Engineering published higest number of articles which is 72, then Plos One 50 and   two Bangladeshi journals in the medical field 21 articles each.

Top  15 Research Institutes


Top Government Research Organizations

 Top two Multidisciplinary Research Organizations (BAEC vs BCSIR)

Top  15 Private Universities

Top Engineering and Technology Universities 

Top  Science and Technology Universities

Top  Medical Colleges


Medical college and health related research institutes

Top  Agriculture Universities and Research Institutes 


Collaborative countries


 Subject Area of Research


Document types

 Four books and  59 book chapters were published this year. This is a big jump. We need such jump in other cases.  


This is a very small number of publications per 100 thousand of population and per researcher/faculty and in comparision to other south asian countries, particularly India and Pakistan.

Ministry of Science and Technology should  follow the publication pattern and take necessary measures to increase the number and improve the quality of scientific publications.

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