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Scientific publications by Bangladeshi researchers in 2012

2013-01-01 22:16:33

Altogether 2281 documents were published from Bangladesh (as affiliation country) which is 49 documents less than 2011 and 71 more than 2010, though.

These documents include article, conference paper, review, letter, erratum, note, editorial and short survey.  No book was published in this year which could be found in Scopus, the world's largest abstract and citation database



 Fig: Number and percent of different types of documents



Top ten Journals

The documents were published in over 160 journals and conference papers.  Top ten Journals   and number of articles are shown in the following  table

Serial No

Source tittle

Number of documents


2012 International conference on informatics, electronics and vision Iciev 2012



Proceedings of second international conference on  the development of renewable energy Icdret 2012



Bangladesh Journal of Medical Science



Journal of Medicine



Journal of Medicine Bangladesh



Understanding the geological and medical interface of Arsenic as 2012 4 th International congress Arsenic in the Environment



Plos One



Lecture notes in Computer science including subseries  Lecture notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture notes in Bioinformatics



Journal  of Health Population and Nutrition



Bangladesh Journal of Botany



Advanced material research



Astrophysics and Space science




 Top ten Authors

Around 200 authors published at least 5 articles.  Top ten authors   by number of publication are shown in the following figure  



Top ten collaborative countries


The data shows that Bangladeshi researchers are either working  in or in collaboration with 110 countries including Israeli researchers with whom we have 4 documents published in medical sciences.  However, top ten countries are wide scattered from North American countries to Europe to Eastern Japan to South eastern Malaysia to our neighbour India.



Top Ten Research Institutes

Bangladeshi researchers doing research in over 150 universities/ institutes throughout the world published those articles.  University of Dhaka has published highest 308 and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) has published 230 documents.  Among top 10 institutes, only ICDDR, B is the only non-university research institutes which have published 152 documents. University Putra Malaysia has captured 9th position with 62 documents which means that a large number of Bangladeshi researchers are doing research having relation with this university in one or other forms, either working there or in collaboration with this university. From the number  of publications, it may seem University of Dhaka  is the top publisher. But if we take the number of teachers who voted in the recent teacher's union election (more than 1300 while total teacher is more than 1500),  then there is one(1) publication  against four teachers. On the other hand, against 500 teachers, BUET has published 230 documents. That is, there is more than  1 publications against two teachers.  So  instead of total number, we should find out density of publications against faculties in different institutes. 


Subject Area of Publication:


The top area in which highest number of documents has been published is  medicine (559). Then in engineering (463) and third top area is Agriculture and biosciences.  Though these numbers comply with top journals as out of ten top journals, three are Journal of Medicine; does it reflect our national priority?   What is or should be the national priority research area of Bangladesh, Agriculture, Energy or Health/Medicine?  Does Bangladesh have any priority area of research in her science policy? Does this statistics reflect our priority?  These questions should be widely and deeply discussed as we have huge population but limited ability to invest in research.



 This is not the complete picture of scientific  publications by Bangladeshi researchers  from home and abroad as there are lot many publications in local journals which are not indexed  with scopus. However, from this analysis we can get a  significant  view of our research performance of Bangladeshi researcher  affilitated with Bangladesh, working at home or in Abroad. 


 Comparative data from SAARC countries  has  interesting point of research 


Scientific documents published by Neighbouring countries of Bangladesh

                                      2011               2012

India                             91232              83563

Pakistan                          8672                7717

Bangladesh                      2330                2281

Nepal                                646                 562

Sri Lanka                            872                 780

Bhutan                                 45                  33

Maldives                               17                  20

Myanmer                             159                  91

Afghanistan                           84                  81


Only Maldives have published more scientific documents in 2012 than in 2011 though number is very poor.


Why this declining trend in this region? A good point for research.

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