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Scientific publications by Bangladeshi researchers in 2013

2014-01-01 19:45:04


In 2013, researchers affiliated with Bangladesh have published 2415 scientific documents in the journals and conference proceedings indexed in Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature with 50 million records, 21,000 titles and 5,000 publishers. This was found with search word Bangladesh as affiliation country in the database. These numbers of documents were published in about 160 journals and conference proceedings.


Table 1: Top ten journals and conference proceedings


Top publishers

researchers published these numbers of documents. Like last year, Professor Abdullah Al Mamun from Physics department of Jahangir Nagar university is the top publisher with 39 documents, followed by Professor Mohammed Rahmatullah from University of Development Alternative with 35 articles. Malaysian professor M. Y Raffi with 26 documents occupies third position. This means he is collaborating with large number of Bangladeshi researchers or supervising Bangladeshi students. However, 33 researchers have published at least 10 or more documents.

Table 2: Top ten publishers



Research institutions

Bangladeshi researchers working and / or collaborating with 160 research institutions worldwide have published those documents. Dhaka University has kept the first position like previous year, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) second and ICDDR, B in the third positions the only non-university research institute.

University Putra Malaysia has captured 8th position with 88 documents which means that a large number of Bangladeshi researchers are doing research having relation with this university in one or other forms, either working there or in collaboration with this university.

From the number of publications, it may seem University of Dhaka is the top publisher. But there is one (1) publication against three or four teachers, as the teachers’ number ranges from 1000-1500. On the other hand, against 500 teachers, BUET has published 287 documents. That is, there is more than 1 publication against two teachers. So instead of total number, we should find out density of publications against faculties in different institutes. Top ten institutes are shown in table 3.


 Table 3: Top ten research institutes

Subject area of research

These 2413 documents fall into 27 subject areas as shown in table 4. From the table is it found that medicine is the top area, then engineering and followed by agricultural sciences. However, energy sector is not getting due priority to the researchers in an energy starving country like Bangladesh. Social science is also another deprived area for a overpopulated country like Bangladesh with only 147 publications. To increase Bussiness with our neighboring countries and worldwide, we need more research.

Table 4: Subject area of research

Documents type

Significant improvement in document type is the number of book chapter and one book which was nil in the last year. Increase in the number of review paper is another significant improvement.


This might not be the complete picture of scientific publications by Bangladeshi researchers from home and abroad as there are lot many publications in local journals which are not indexed with Scopus. However, from this analysis we can get a significant view of our research performance of Bangladeshi researcher affiliated with Bangladesh, working at home or in abroad.


More critical review of the publication performance of Bangladeshi universities and research organizations and rewarding the researchers institutions based on this performance by Science ministry are needed for satisfactory progress in scientific research in Bangladesh.




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