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Scientific publications from University of Dhaka in 2017 in graphs and table

2018-01-10 22:20:17

Curzon Hall area
Curzon Hall area
Source: Internet

Altogether 512 documents were found ( on 10 January) in scopus database with affiliation of University of Dhaka  after analyzing scopus database with Bangladesh as affiliation country. 

Top journals, authors, collaborative organizations, countries,  document types and subject area are shown below.


1. Top Journals


2. Top Authors



3.  Collaborating Institutes 


5. Document Types 

 Only One book by Hossain M A on Water policy and governance in South Asia: Empowering rural communities . 

DOCUMENT TYPE No of Ducment 
Article 387
Conference Paper 76
Book Chapter 15
Article in Press 13
Review 10
Note 5
Editorial 3
Book 1
Erratum 1
Letter 1





















5. Subject Area 

Other 40 %


On an average,  1 document by 4 facutlties, how is the performence? Only one book and 15 book chapters and only 20 documents from Bussiness, Managment and Accounting............ how we interpret this number of publications? 

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