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Scientific publications with Bangladeshi affiliations in 2016 in Scopus indexed journals

2017-01-05 09:34:52


In 2016, 3491 scientific documents were published in journals and other publications indexed with www.scopus.com

 which have at least one author with Bangladeshi affiliations. Top journals, top authors, top research organizations,  document types, research subject area and  countries with whom  Bangladeshi researchers collaborating  are shown in graphs. 

Top ten journals 



Top 15 Authors 

Ahmad, M(24) is from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, Ahmed, T(23)  from ICDD, B,  and  Uddin, M.J(21)  from  American International University - Bangladesh are top three authors. 





Top ten Institutes 

Dhaka university has regained its top position from BUET with less than 450 publications. This is the significant change.  No private university is in the top ten list. 





                                                         Publications by Engineering and Technology  universities 




                                                        Publications by Agricultural Universities and organizations


Publication from govt multidisciplinary research organizations (BCSIR vs BAEC)

These two organizations have Scientific officers  almost equal to no of faculties of BUET.  But they don't have even 100 publications.  

Publications from Top private universities 

** 5th position is that of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology( AUST). 

Publication by medical  and  health research organizations. 

Top 15 collaborative  countries 


Top 15 foreign universities from where (or in collaboration with) Bangladeshi researchers publishing 


Types of document published 

No of books published is note worthy and policy makers should think about it. 



Publications by subject/research area  

Engineering is the top area followed by medicine. 


This is a quantity(no of publication) based review. Both quantity and quality matters. Qauntity of publications  from journals indexed in Scopus reveals also quality as scopus has some strict criteria to index journals.  


Significant changes  from last year: 

Insititute: University of Dhaka regained top position from BUET, North South lost position in the top ten. If we take into consideration the number of faculties, then University of Dhaka is poorer than BUET. Because BUET has less than one third of the faculties of  University of Dhaka. The no of publication per faculty is not even one for university of Dhaka, rather less then 0.5. 


Author: New author appeared as the top publisher with 24 articles (Ahmad Mohiuddin B, KUET).  

However, this is not good no of publications from a country with 160 million people, particularly in comparision to India (128000) and Pakistan (12000).  

Relevant authority must take initiative to increase and improve research work in our universities and research organisations which will be evident from their number and quality of publications. 


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