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The Sanofi – Institut Pasteur Awards in 2013

2013-04-19 21:41:41

Nominations are invited in the following fields:
  • Tropical and neglected diseases
  • Innovative approaches to disease prevention, including vaccines
  • New approaches to drug resistance
  • Therapeutic approaches to diseases and senescence: neurobiology and regenerative medicine
  • Immunology, immunomodulation, immunogenetics, translational technologies


Nomination of mid-career* as well as senior scientists from all over the world are encouraged.


 Awards are planned for both mid-career and senior scientists.


Each winner will each receive an award of 100 000 euros,

part for themselves (€ 33 000) and part to support their future research (€ 67 000).


Deadline to submit nominations: Friday, 3rd May 2013.

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