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Why and What is Scientific Bangladesh?

2012-09-13 00:47:51

 Every educated man knows well the importance of scientific research and technology development for human well being. But Bangladesh, the most populated country in the world, is not giving due emphasis on scientific research and local technology development. None is crying enough and loudly for science in Bangladesh. National budget is not reviewed in terms of allocation for science and technology and government is not criticized enough for negligence of science. People don’t compare political parties in terms of the party’s emphasis on scientific research and technology development during election.

On the other hand, none is taking account of the performance of our research organizations. None is also digging deep why our research organizations can not perform satisfactorily. To make all these happen, here is www.scientificbangladesh.com to get scientific Bangladesh, Bangladesh that give due emphasis on scientific research and technology development to be developed nation.
The common thing among developed and those countries who are developing fast is that they have given and giving due emphasis on research and technology development.  Our neighbours and close allies, China and India are vivid examples. Scientific research is more necessary than any other country for populated Bangladesh to produce more foods from decreasing cultivable land, provide shelter in limited space and maintain good health using limited resources and treatment facilities and every thing her population needs. 
When Bangladesh will  do enough research to find out solution for  every problem it faces that day Bangladesh will become scientific Bangladesh and soon will be developed Bangladesh .
We hope, with contribution from all of you, that that  day is  not  far away   that science, a tool for development, will be utilized optimally for solving all of our problems and developing  Bangladesh.
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