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Mir Mujibar Rahman

Mir Mujibar Rahman studied in Dhaka’s St. Gregory’s School, Notre Dame College and Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology. He completed his degree in mechanical engineering in 1963 and went to Germany on a German Govt. Scholarship in 1964. He studied in the Technical University of Darmstadt and specialized in technology development, machine tools and material engineering in 1967. After working as a research assistant in the Technical University of Berlin, he joined the Telecom Research of Siemens Germany (1968-71) and continued with Siemens Austria (1972-76). During this period he participated in the development and implementation of polymeric ‘telecom and energy products’ replacing the paper cables. In 1976 he moved to Canada and started developing Optical Fiber, Optical Cable & Components. He established several manufacturing plants for optical communications in Canada and USA, as well as, a R&D center in USA for Pirelli (1980-96). Mr. M. M. Rahman was the Executive Vice President R, D &E and the Chief Engineer of Pirelli North American for Telecom, Energy and Components until 1996 and Product Manager of Pirelli for ‘HT Superconductivity, New Technologies and Submarine Cables’ in Italy until 2003. Among the new technologies he developed and implemented in North America and Europe are: Optical Fiber, Optical Cables & Components, Telecom Cables, Energy Transmission, Submarine Cables and High Temperature Superconductivity. Working with DOE he developed and implemented world’s first HTS cable in Detroit, USA. He has several patents and authored various technical and conceptual papers for fiber optic, telecom and energy sectors. Since 2003, Rahman has been working in various boards of directors. Currently he is a board member of a technology company and provides consulting services for future technologies in telecom & energy sectors. Mr. Rahman is passionate about distant learning and energy solutions for the under-privileged of the world. Mr. Rahman can be contacted by Email: mujib1963@yahoo.com
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